A London dry gin named for the wild dill flower meadows which gave Dulwich its name and using dill as a botanical in the gin.

Our gin has soft floral and lemony citrus notes to accompany a very smooth juniper finish. A completely local project, for every bottle sold we make […]


Kleine Freiheit

Since 1601, craftsmen not belonging to a guild in parts of Altona (Hamburg) enjoyed special religious and commercial freedoms. This area became known under the name “Freiheit” (Freedom) – and with it since the 17th century the streets “Grosse & Kleine Freiheit” (“Great” & “Little Freedom”) on Hamburg St. Pauli.

In […]

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Discover the sensation of cucumber, citrus, dill and various other ingredients. Rhaegal is the perfect Gin to mix but also lets you experience a voyage of discovery in pure form. All this is due to the refined recipe and the traditional way of distilling.


Romeo’s Gin

Every edition of Romeo’s Gin is curated by a local urban artist, and a percentage of the sales goes to the promotion of urban art and culture, in Montreal and beyond.

An unique aromatic signature : a blend of juniper, cucumber, dill, lavender, almond and lemon.

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