A collection inspired by the world of perfumes and the olfactory pyramid to capture every sensation triggered by every fragrance; we applied the same concept to create the original taste of the distilled fragrances of AQVA DI GIN: citrus, floral and spicy.

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Foxdenton 48

We use a blend of seven botanicals to flavour our multi-award winning London Dry. The result is a deliciously smooth and aromatic Gin that belies its strength.

Best served with quality Tonic, lemon and plenty of ice but also makes a fantastic Dry Martini.

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Capreolus Garden Tiger Dry Gin is made in Gloucestershire using an impressive 34 botanicals, of which most are secret. Two that are revealed are fresh Sicilian blood orange zest and lime-tree flowers.
This incredibly complex gin can be enjoyed neat, or in cocktails.

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Although Siegfried Gin is on the market since 2015, it has already been awarded several times – including Germany’s best gin.

The gin was named after Siegfried from the Nibelungen Saga. According to the legend, he killed a dragon on Drachenfels (not far from the origin of this gin) and then […]

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