Brilliant Gin was born from a desire to create the perfect London Dry Gin. Long-time connoisseurs of gin, we wanted to create something daringly different, for the people who love gin as much as we do.

Having travelled the globe and experienced many varieties of gin, we […]



Gin feroz is an aromatic gin distilled by Fitzroy Spirits in Santiago, Chile. Made with pure grain neutral spirit produced mainly at our distillery. It is infused with 10 botanicals, most of which are endemic to this part of the world. It was awarded a Silver medal at the 2019 […]



Kanjer is a modest gin. No dozens of botanicals, eccentric herbs or addition of distillates. Kanjer is a creation of carefully selected natural botanicals.


Monkey 47

A good third of the ingredients for this special gin come from the Black Forest and are definitely not what you would call typical gin flavorings! In total, 47 handpicked ingredients, prepared in extremely soft spring water from our own Black Forest source, give MONKEY 47, whose pièce de résistance […]

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Premium handcrafted London Dry Gin distilled in a traditional copper-still. It is carefully handmade at our small distillery, located in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park (Madrid), with a cold maceration of 15 natural botanicals.

It is a dry gin, complex and full of aromatic nuances in which the alcohol integrates […]



The MOSAIK Dry Gin delights with its attention to detail from the design to taste. As a new spirit player in Stuttgart, the gin combines fresh mint and exotic lemongrass with sparkling blood orange and spicy clove.

The combination from shape and color is an analogy to combination from odor and […]



An incredibly clean, smooth juniper rich gin which is distilled at reduced pressure in small batches in a solar powered distillery in Conwy.



Distilled Gin From Burgundy
15 Botanicals + a subtle note of Chardonnay and Pineau Noir Eau de vie coming form the prestigious burgundy vineyards.

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