The exceptional Majorcan Gin with selected wine distillates and herbal extracts.

CABRABOC Ginebra de Mallorca combines the typical herbal touches of fennel and Mediterranean herbs with the citrus touches of orange peel, lemon leaf and lemon verbena.



Enjoy Valpolicella is a project born in 2019. We created a spirit with the aim of bottling the scents of Valpolicella during harvest time.

Our GrapeHeart is a cold compound gin with botanicals from our hills, flavoured with the iconic Amarone wine.

The herbal and floral notes gives way to a unique […]


KREUZBERG GIN – Berliner Zitrone

Our wild juniper goes on a harvest tour in the Berlin area with the lemon verbena. The two are accompanied by the citrus and maracuja notes of our Cascade hops.

Together they build our full citrus aroma – just as dry as the Berlin humor.

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Our Patagonian Dry Gin is Distilled in Puerto Natales, on the shore of the majestic Last Hope Sound.

Winters’ Bark Pepper, Maqui Berries, Lemon Verbena and Yerba Mate, along with eight traditional botanicals, combine to create a gin that is quintessentially Patagonian.
Last Hope Dry Gin is Citrus and spice-forward, along with […]

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Proudly distilled by brothers Jon-Paul & Chris Willigenburg, our flagship Ninch Dry Gin is inspired by our youth growing up on the Mornington Peninsula or “Ninch” and travels throughout the globe.
Ninch Dry Gin is traditionally pot distilled from Australian grape spirit and crafted to hold itself up to the complex […]

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Sea Glass

Carefully crafted from start to finish in our distillery in Deerness, Scotland.

Our gin will evoke your senses with each sip, taking you on a pleasurable sensory journey through warm spices, hints of citrus and of course juniper.

A reflection of the Orkney Islands’ ever-changing seascape.

Made with seven key botanicals, Sea Glass […]

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