135 EAST

135 East comes from the Kaikyo distillery and was named after the Japanese standard
time meridian of 135-degrees east longitude which crosses Akashi in the Hyogo Prefecture.

135 East is an out of the ordinary gin that brings out what we call the Hyogo style. In addition to the traditional botanicals used […]

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Pitching camp on the boundary between classic and contemporary gins, award-winning Campfire Gin is produced in small batches. Ten carefully selected botanicals, including rich coffee cherry, sweet, fresh orange, hazelnut and piney juniper are distilled with the finest UK wheat spirit.
The result is a gin that leads with a citrus […]



Dieter Meier is producing organic wines in Mendoza for over ten years. He teamed up with Oliver Matter Distillery, where the Ojo de Agua Gin has been created.
It is flavored with lemons from Tucuman, Mate, brandy from Meier’s Malbec and a blackberry spirit from the berries of the Ojo de […]

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