Utilising over 100 years of experience and using the Bavarian Forest’s native roots and herbs we created GRANIT Bavarian Gin. It combines the distillery’s traditional skills with the modern-day international market for spirits.
Classic gin spices and herbs including lemon, coriander and cardamom are combined with plants native to the Bavarian […]



The idea for the “Modernist Alpine Dry Gin” was born in 2013 in Burma on a sailing trip and diving expedition in the Mergui Archipelago.
In June 2015, the first bottles of the “Modernist Alpine Dry Gin” were bottled and two years later.

Modernist Alpine Dry Gin represents the transformation of the […]



The fine formula of 12 different alpine herbs and hand-picked spices makes the Roter Turm gin as unique as the region where this fine spirit is made.
Masterfully distilled and bottled in small batches, it captivates through the harmonious interplay of diverse aromas, such as those of the rowan berry, […]

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In addition to typical gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander, ginger and lemon peel, Steinbock Aronia Premium Dry Gin is distilled from native roots, leaves, flowers and berries from the Alps, capturing the unique diversity of flora from the natural habitat of the Alpine Ibex. These botanicals give the gin […]

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