Bishop’s Gin

Bishop’s gin, it all started with the Bishop

Bishop’s Gin is full of natural ingredients to deliver the exceptional London Dry. It comprises nine of the finest botanicals including the subtle, peppery nasturtium flower. It beautifully balances juniper with citrus, spicy and sweet notes - sweeping the tongue with sweet liquorice before a burst of fresh, tangy lemon and juniper excite the taste buds. The light peppery nasturtium flower combines with almonds for a truly delicate sweet finish.

This marriage of spicy and floral flavours makes Bishop’s Gin wonderfully versatile. Its distinct quality means it is marvelous when savoured on its own but also deliciously responsive to cocktails.

Crafted and distilled as an ode to the unconventional, Bishop’s Gin toasts to the memory of John Ponet and all those who dare to look beyond the normal.