We always strive to develop our products. So also with the Gin: The prototype No. 42 was refined and adapted. Among other things, something was taken away from the very dominant coriander, it became Matters Hyssop Gin. But even this did not completely correspond to what we and our customers have imagined. New, the gin is now spiced with nutmeg ...

At the time we were breaking new ground with Gin - but not quite. There are quite a number of parallels to absinthe, which we have developed in recent years. Numerous international awards prove that.

The basis of this gin formulation comes from a "recipe collection for distillers", 1954 edition. Finest, aromatic gin distilled to London Dry Art. From selected juniper berries, coriander seeds, ginger, orange peel, nutmeg and other handpicked botanicals. Made with grain alcohol.

Clear, pure and very aromatic, it is bottled and left to your expert judgment.