Greensand Ridge Distillery

    • Shipbourne Road
    • Shipbourne
    • England
    • TN9 9NT
    • United Kingdom

We conceived Greensand Ridge Distillery by asking the question, how to you take an energy intensive process as distilling is, and not only reduce its environmental footprint, but have it make a positive contribution to sustainability?

So yes, we use advanced technology and 100% renewable energy, but we also work with our region's farmers to reduce food waste at the farm gate by fermenting and distilling quality produce that supermarkets won't take.

We're a true micro-distillery on a mission to develop breathtaking spirits the slow way. We're honest about what we do and how we do it and we aim to be a positive influence on our community. We're called Greensand Ridge after the hills that surround the Weald, from where we source our flavours.


  • Greensand Ridge Distillery