• Via Dell’industria 5
    • Thiene
    • VI
    • 36016
    • Italy

Three friends. Three free spirits. A passion. A company.

Three young guys, Antonio, Filippo and Giacomo, connected by a strong friendship. A shared passion for spending time together, drinking well, traveling and enjoying conviviality. The desire and will of manufacturing and enterprising. An authentic Italian spirit, a love for origins and a look to internationality.

Mix the three and you will get Threespirits: an idea that first becomes a project, then a new business. Piùcinque gin is the debut label: “We ourselves are the first customers Piùcinque is thought for. When we are at the bar counter we would like to be served a gin which is different from the others and which never wears out, because it always remains faithful to itself”.

After the launch of Piùcinque, new projects andproducts are now under development.