36 Short Spirits

Adelaide brothers Jon and Con Lioulios have distilled and launched the first Rakia to be licensed and sold in Australia, 36 Short. 36 Short is a tribute to Jon and Con’s Macedonian born father, Pando. 

36 Short (Pando’s suit size) is a true handcrafted Rakia made on the […]

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ADNAMS Copper House Distillery

Our distillery, the Copper House, sits within the Adnams brewery in Southwold. It’s the most energy-efficient distillery in the UK and also generates water and steam for the brewery, forming an integral part of our overall sustainable production system.

Adnams is the […]

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Al Ahram Beverages Company

The story began in 1897 when the Crown Brewery Company registered itself in the Kingdom of Belgium to start operations in Alexandria. Later, in 1946 the company entered into a technical assistance agreement with the leading Dutch Brewer Heineken. However, in 1963 the company was nationalized. After more than 22 […]

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Alambic Bourguignon

The last travelling distiller in Burgundy pertuating the tradition distilkling in the winter in villages such as Beaune, Pommard, Gevrey Chambertin or Puligny Montrachet
Vapor distillation – Mueller Still

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Alchemy Distillery

This Genever style Gin starts with a base of freshly ground organic wheat. It’s distilled in an American made Vendome Copper potstill while the “gin basket” infused juniper and eleven additional botanicals.

It is then barrel-aged for a minimum of three months.

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In the heart of the german region called Allgäu, between mountain peaks, lush meadows and deep blue lakes you can find the Allgäu-Brennerei, a workshop of pure enjoyment.

With great professionalism, striving for the best quality and love of taste, the Allgäu-Brennerei produces […]


Altonaer Spirituosen Manufaktur

The Altonaer Spirituosen Manufaktur was founded in 2013. Hamburg’s small gin factory is located between Phoenix-Hof, Fabrik and the Thalia-Theater – hidden on a backyard between old Jaguars, MGs and VW beetles. Coal (hence the name Kohlentwiete) was used here in the twenties, after which cucumbers and bottles were stored […]

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Ampersand Distilling Co.

Though trained as engineers, father-son duo Stephen and Jeremy Schacht have used their knowledge of science and traditional distilling techniques to create a hand crafted distillery where they can make hand crafted spirits.

We make our spirits in a 1000L pot still and a 500L packed column still, fondly referred to […]

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Anchor Spirits Ireland Limited

Anchor Spirits Ireland Limited creates premium spirits. The company was founded in Waterford in 2013 with a mission to make high end alcoholic beverages for the discerning drinker.

As the new millennium reached double digits, there was a distinct shift in drink culture. People were […]

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Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG

In 1902 in Appenzell, Emil Ebneter created an alcoholic drink whose recipe remains in family ownership to this day. Only the ingredients are known – 42 different herbs and spices.

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