The used spices, herbs and fruits come from sustainable cultivation and are produced with love and respect for our nature. The ingredients are natural, without chemical substances and therefore unique and soft in taste.

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An organic wild Gin made with passion, love and secret herbs from Mount Bisbino.

Bisbino Gin is intimately linked to the mountain it is named after, Monte Bisbino, which is the inspiration for its history, its character and its structure. The woods and paths where Martino Mombelli – founder of Terra […]



BONIFAZ is a dry gin handcreafted at a farm distillery in eastern Switzerland, heated with wood fire and balanced with its own spring water from the own well.

Refined with 15 botanicals, which ultimately give BONIFAZ a solid and fresh palate.



The Rhaeto-Romanic Swiss mountain village of Breil / Brigels lies at over 1,200 meters and inspired Beat Sidler and Gustav Inglin, the two founders of Breil Pur SA, to produce a purely organic gin. Together with Dr. David Clutton (England), one of the world’s most renowned GIN experts, they developed […]

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This gin was created especially for the Cloud Bar in Zurich. Bar manager Andreas Kloke has developed the CLOUDS Gin together with the Humbel Spezialitätenbrennerei AG. Ingredients such as juniper, coriander, thyme, sage, lemons, oranges and Kirsch, all matured in Switzerland, characterize the taste of a true New Western Dry […]


Draft Brothers Original

Der Draft Brothers Original Gin wird mit ausgewählten Botanicals veredelt. Neben klassischem Wacholder verleihen neun Kräuter und Gewürze diesem Gin sein unvergleichliches, kräftiges, würziges und fruchtiges Aroma welches von einer leicht blumigen Note abgerundet wird.

Ein klassischer Gin der sich zum pur trinken, wie auch zum Mischen von Gin Tonic’s und […]

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GIN 27

GIN 27 has a fresh and fruity flavour with distinctive juniper notes, a slight hint of coriander and a balanced blend of Asian spices.

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The idea for the “Modernist Alpine Dry Gin” was born in 2013 in Burma on a sailing trip and diving expedition in the Mergui Archipelago.
In June 2015, the first bottles of the “Modernist Alpine Dry Gin” were bottled and two years later.

Modernist Alpine Dry Gin represents the transformation of the […]

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